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The primary goal of the Foundation is to provide grants and other support to a wide range of programs within the boundaries of the communities identified. The Foundation must remain flexible to meet the current and unknown needs while ensuring we have a living legacy of our time.

The concept of a Foundation is to raise and receive monies from various sources. The monies are invested and by law the foundation must disburse 3.5 % of the principle annually. It is assumed the interest will always be greater than 3.5% of the principle thus the principle is never used but rather, continues to grow and ensures monies for distribution is available in perpetuity.

In short, we are developing a “nest egg” for our communities. It is intended the fund will grow each year as new gifts are added and good investment strategies are employed. We give the investment income to registered charities in the communities in the form of grants to projects that benefit those who need it most.

These goals allow the Westshore Foundation to play a unique role in our communities. While the results are often measured by the size of the endowment, we are able to build a legacy that will ensure vitality to the community.

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Lake Winnipeg Research ConsortiumLake Ecology Field Program$2,300
Gimli High School & CommunityMulti Sports Court$5,107
Betel Home FoundationNew Resident Stove$500
Gimli New Horizons 55+ ClubSound Proofing$2,700
Evergreen Band BoostersNew Instruments$1,500
Sigurbjorg Stefansson Early SchoolSSES Community Natural Playground$2,500
Sandy Hook Community ClubStructural Repair$5,000
Gimli Film Festival/New Iceland Heritage MuseumProjector Upgrade$2,400
Betel Heritage FoundationAV Systems Upgrades$2,700
Winnipeg Beach Curling ClubRoof/Ceiling Renewal$4,000
Interlake Women’s Resource CentreNew Entryway & Roof$7,100
Riverton & District Friendship Centre2 Freezers/Food Bank$2,300
Gimli Humane SocietyAnimal Shelter Reno Project – Phase 1$500


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